Press Release January, 7th 2015

Last Edited Date: 10.01.2017 - 10:52


Architecture & Interior Design

The Sedona Professionals met Jan 7th at Red’s Restaurant in the Sedona Rouge Resort for their bi-weekly breakfast meeting.  Out-going President Marc Sterling opened the meeting with Happy New Year wishes for everyone.

Architect and Interior Design specialists Paolo Scardino delivered an informative presentation about several aspects of remodeling an area of one’s home.  Specifically he talked about the role of the interior design specialists and how it differs from a person whose exclusively does decor.  The interior design architect is responsible for everything connected to the wall or floor of a home, which would include kitchen cabinets, appliances, lighting, duct work, flooring, plumbing fixtures, while a decorator provides those items that accent the interior design, and can also be taken along when one moves to their next home.  Paolo described the pleasure he takes in the initial meeting with a client, and how critical it is to listen closely to the clients needs and the vision they have for their remodel. Out of that essential information a successful design is born.  

In each Sedona Professional meeting one member delivers a brief biographical talk. Today Roger Steed of RCO Property Services, the Handyman in Sedona Professionals, shared some fascinating vignettes about how he and his wife ultimately came to choose Sedona for their home.  We learned that Roger is an avid bike rider when not out there repairing homes and helping people problem solve challenging issues with their home environment.

The nominating committee presented a new potential slate of board members for the coming year for members input and upcoming approval.  Marc Sterling will host a dinner social for members and their guests, and potential new members on January11th at 5:00.

The meeting ended on a lively note with each person sharing their business goals for 2015.