Press Release February 18th, 2015

Last Edited Date: 05.20.2015 - 14:49


Yoga & Restaurants

The Sedona Professionals met February 18th at Red’s Restaurant in Sedona Rouge Resort.  Meetings are held at Red’s the first and third Wednesday of each month.  President Dr. Jenna Blasi opened the meeting.

Jenny Mueller of Yoga Sedona was our first presenter.  Using a skeleton model as a prop, she had marked the muscle groups with different colors of tissue paper so we had that as a frame of reference.  Jenny shared that each yoga teacher is different.  She has a great deal of medical background, which helps her focus on a student’s specific areas of concern.  Jenny’s specific method is Iyengar, which pays attention to one’s alignment, and is considered restorative yoga.  She uses props, such as chairs, walls, and blankets to help support the body while students build up their strength.  Jenny ends each class with a poem.

Deborah Leatherwood of Rene Restaurant in Tlaquepaque described her interesting journey from North Carolina to Sedona, AZ.  Her initial plan was to sell real estate, but her true calling proved to be the restaurant business.  She has learned a lot about herself, realizing that what she thought was a love of the food and beverage business was actually a love of people.  Deborah started at Rene in 1991, purchased the restaurant with a partner in 2001, then in 2005 bought her partner out.  The food and ambiance at Rene are second to none, and for Deborah it is all a labor of love. 

We had two personal presentations as well.  Cher Jacoby of Hair by Cher has been an over-achiever all her life, starting the PTA in Grand Rapids, MI where there was none, getting a water filtration plant implemented so her family and neighbors could have clean drinking water, becoming the hair stylist to celebrities including Betty Ford and others, whom she says expanded her life.  Cher doesn’t hear the word “no”.  She believes Sedona makes you find out who you are.  She is a powerhouse and an inspiration, and through her hair styling business, truly keeps Sedona beautiful.

Jody Florman has been a creative force all of her life, nurtured by parents who strongly believed in travel, culture, and education.  She is a painter, photographer, world-traveler, artist, and can do virtually anything needed to make your environment special and unique.  Jody says she was always the tallest kid until college, and she to this day has a huge and wonderful presence.

Happy Birthday to member Tom Gebler! 

At the end of the meeting, we voted to unanimously approve two new members:  Alma Dumitru, Attorney and Jon Kershner, Landscape Designer.  Welcome, and we look forward to working with you both.