Press Release April 1st, 2015

Last Edited Date: 05.20.2015 - 14:51


Landscapes & Restoration

The Sedona Professionals met April 1st at Red’s Restaurant in Sedona Rouge Resort.  Meetings are held at Red’s the first and third Wednesday of each month.  President Jenna Blasi, naturopathic doctor, opened the meeting.

John Kerchner, a landscape design specialist, gave his first presentation to our group.  He is a graduate of Perdue University with a degree in Landscape Design.  His first career post was in Steamboat Springs, managing golf courses.  But in short time he left for Sedona and gradually created his own company, with a focus on commercial landscape design and construction, serving Sedona and Flagstaff.  John spoke highly of his very loyal crew who can manage all outdoor projects, from paver driveways, block and stuccoed walls, flagstone, barbecue and irrigation systems and of course plants!  John has extensive horticultural knowledge and is looking forward to using that knowledge even more as he expands his business into residential design.

Tim Warren, owner of Mammoth Restoration, is a specialist in Emergency Restoration services  with 13 years experience in the business.  He responds and restores when there is damage to a home due to fire, flood, mold, or biohazard occurrences.  The biohazard category includes skunks, rodents, and cigarette odors that negatively affect homes.  He uses state of the art equipment which can see less obvious damage behind walls and under floorboards.  Tim's business operates 24/7 and can respond quickly to emergency restoration situations, like flooding from a bursted pipe, in the middle of the night.  Tim strongly recommends taking pictures of all of one’s possessions, and storing them away from the home, to make reconciliation with insurance companies go smoothly in times of disaster.

We had two personal presentations:  Eric Meyers, of Payments in Kind, and Alma Dumitru, an attorney.  Both their presentations were very heartfelt and captured our full attention.  After hearing each of their life stores it was clear why both of them find it especially meaningful to be of service to others.

In the business portion of our meeting, we had a healthy discussion about the proper size of group and whether it was time to cap membership.  Some members were concerned that if the membership gets much larger, there will not be adequate time for presentations, and the group may lose its treasured intimate quality.  In the end, it was felt that the membership size seems to take care of itself and has not gotten overly large, yet.