Press Release April 15th, 2015

Last Edited Date: 05.20.2015 - 14:52


Sedona Contractor & Astrologer

The Sedona Professionals met April 15th  at Red’s Restaurant in Sedona Rouge Resort.  Meetings are held at Red’s the first and third Wednesday of each month.  President Jenna Blasi, naturopathic doctor, opened the meeting.

Jason Smithson, owner of BP2 Construction, gave a professional presentation today.  He wowed everyone by letting us know his Sedona roots go way back.  Jim Thompson was his great great grandfather and was the first settler and home builder in Sedona!  Jason grew up in Cottonwood and started out in the construction business quite young, using the money earned to get himself through college.  He gravitated to the construction field because it usies skills he enjoys, planning and organizing, and helping people bring a vision into reality.  After college, Jason was fortunate to work as a job supervisor for two excellent local construction companies.  Then the opportunity presented itself in 2013 for Jason to buy BP Construction.   He is now his own boss and takes pride in working closely with his clients so that all involved know the costs and build-out schedule in advance.  Building sustainable and energy efficient homes are his speciality.

Corrie Cooperman also gave a professional presentation on her work as an astrologer.  She described how she started out in life in the field of Nursing, receiving a B.S. degree from San Francisco State University in Nursing, and work for many years as a public health and psychiatric nurse.  Through an unusual sequence of life events she was introduced to astrology in the early 90’s and fell in love with it.  She especially appreciates that the art of astrological interpretation uses both sides of the brain; the scientific and math side, and the visionary and intuitive side.  Corrie’s astrology practice grew quickly, mostly by word-of-mouth, but also through being published frequently in the national magazine called The Mountain Astrologer.  Corrie enjoys helping people gain more personal insight and she especially loves reminding people of their talents.  She also talked about Astro*Carto*Graphy, a specialized branch of astrology, in which she is certified, that helps people find satisfying places to live or to choose for a vacation.

Tim Warren. owner of Mammoth Restoration, gave a personal presentation.  We learned about his roots in Arizona but also about the unique places and cultures he lived in due to the many moves his family made while he was growing up.  While changing from one state to another, and one culture to another was not always easy, Tim feels his exposure to different cultures has given him the ability to enjoy and work successfully with a wide range of people.