Press Release May 6th, 2015

Last Edited Date: 05.20.2015 - 14:53


Webdesign & Naturpathic

The Sedona Professionals met May 5th at Red’s Restaurant in Sedona Rouge Resort.  Meetings are held at Red’s the first and third Wednesday of each month.  President Jenna Blasi, a naturopathic doctor, opened the meeting.

Timon Pratt, a marketing expert and web designer, gave an informative presentation about the current developments in web design, website optimization, and the use of the internet for marketing. Timon is the owner of Studio 5, right here in Sedona.  He talked about the need to balance images in a website with words.  Content is “king” and drives the search engines, so an over reliance on images can reduce the chances of the website ever being seen during a search by the public.  Choosing "key words" in one’s website text is critical to grab the attention of the search engines. Google offers data which helps with choosing the perfect key words. Because demand has become strong from website owners to be able to edit their own text,  Timon and his team have created their own “in house” content management system usually referred to as CMS, that allows website owners to easily change their text as needed. Another marketing tool Timon says brings excellent results are automated systems that send out regular informative messages to customers via Facebook, blogs, and emailed newsletters.  These automated messages keep the customer relationship active without very much effort on the part of the business owner.

Dr. Jenna Blasi gave a passionate presentation about the role of Naturopathic Medicine in maintaining health and minimizing the development of  chronic diseases.  Dr. Jenna is a naturopathic physician with an impressive educational background, including a residency in Integrative Medicine at Yale University. She has studied homeopathy, acupuncture, and the use of herbs extensively and tells us they are a part of the naturopathic’s tool box.   Dr. Jenna educated us about the four pillars of health and wellness: Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise, and Spiritual Practice.  We learned that naturopathic medicine really shines in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  Of interest was the information that naturopathic doctors have prescriptive authority in Arizona, which means they can also prescribe western medicines when needed.

Jason Smithson, a building contractor, of BP2 Construction, gave a riveting personal presentation about how he and his wife have helped other couples through times of marital difficulties.  He feels his skills which he has grown in this area, through an national organization affiliated with his church, has especially been useful when couples deal with the sometimes high stress of remodeling or building a home.  He has learned how to recognize when couples are struggling, during the planning or building phase of a construction process, and step in with sensitive and reassuring guidance.