Press Release June, 25th 2015

Last Edited Date: 07.02.2015 - 10:54


Sedona Professionals, a business networking and referral group which works to expand and support local businesses, met on Wednesday,  July 1st at Red’s Restaurant in the Sedona Rouge Resort.  The semi-monthly breakfast meeting was presided over by President Dr. Jenna Blasi..  We enjoyed a round of free-form introductions in which members got to introduce themselves and talk about current activities in their businesses.  It sounds like everyone is doing quite well.

Tom Gebler, of Property Design Sedona and Flagstaff Design Center, gave a very informative talk about the significant improvements that have taken place in laminate flooring.  In the past the faux wood laminate flooring did not have the “real wood” look and also had the liability of being quite vunerable to water damage.  Tom showed us samples of the new generation of laminate flooring and what a difference! It was almost hard to tell the difference between authentic hardwood and his laminate samples.  Texture, more grain variation, and whole plank arrangements now make laminate flooring a truly appealing choice of esthetically pleasing, very durable flooring.  And many of newer laminate choices are no longer damaged by water.  The price has only risen modestly for these new offerings which makes laminate a perfect choice for the cost conscious homeowner.  As usual Tom brings his passion and expert knowledge of flooring products to his presentations.

The lovely Sally Gebler, a massage therapist educated us about how helpful massage can be for many medical conditions.  Research has shown massage to reduce blood pressure, increase immunity, and decrease pain.  Massage can also raise one’s mood and of course, greatly assist with relaxation.  Sally talked about her approach to massage which focuses on being present for her client, listening to what they need, and being responsive to their feedback.  It is clear Sally brings her full beautiful self to her work and has a wonderful understanding about how to help people move into deep relaxation.  Sally also brings a tremendous array of certifications in the massage and bodywork fields.  Of late her particular interest is in the addition of trigger point therapy to her massage.  She finds the trigger point approach quite effective in getting overly tense muscles to relax.  

Jon Kerchner of Landscape Design did his personal presentation and treated us to the presence of his wife Rachelle, who is the administrative assistant in Jon’s landscaping business, and their delightful 11 month old daughter, Spire, whom Jon held while giving his presentation.  Spire commented throughout Jon’s presentation, with squeals and laughter. It was of great interest to learn that in addition to running a large landscaping business here in Sedona, Jon and his wife take off occasionally with their food truck and sell pizza to the attendees at big musical events in the Four Corners area.  Jon actually met Rachelle at one of these events.  We all marveled at the energy and enthusiasm Jon brings to his landscaping business and his family.  It brought a smile to all of us to hear John and his family still set aside time to do something totally different several weeks a year.  A great model for all of us!