Press Release July 5th, 2015

Last Edited Date: 08.12.2015 - 14:24


Sedona Professionals, a business networking and referral group which works to expand and support local businesses, met on Wednesday,  Aug 5th at Red’s Restaurant in the Sedona Rouge Resort.  The semi-monthly breakfast meeting was presided over by President Dr. Jenna Blasi..  

Dr. Peter Ney, who is a chiropractor right here in Sedona, demonstrated techniques chiropractors use these days besides the traditional “cracking” of the spine.  Dr. Ney demoed a tool called an “Activator.”  It delivers a non-force, pain free, pressure to open a joint.  It can be applied to the jaw for TMJ problems, or the wrist for overuse problems, as well as other joints. The use of the Activator can produce a quick release of pain and definitely improves function of the joint.  Then Dr. Ney showed us an impressive gadget called the ArthroStem which, when applied, is excellent for opening stuck joints in the cervical spine. It increases mobility of the neck.  Lastly he talked about the newer uses of laser therapy, which have proved quite helpful for some chronic conditions, such as, arthritis.  Dr. Ney’s enthusiasm for his work came through strongly in his presentation, as well as his devotion to help alleviate pain.

Dr. Ted Jenal, who has a dental practice in Cottonwood, delivered a very informative talk about the newer developments in the making of crowns.There has been attention in the dental field to developing crowns that are both bio-compatible and durable.  Dr Jenal is quite impressed with the combination now available of a milled zirconium base with a porcelain overlay.  These crowns are crafted via computer imaging and as a result have a much more accurate fit.  Dr. Jenal said the problem with gold crowns is that they only have to be 40% gold and frequently contain other metals that cause, in some people, an allergic response.  Dr. Jenal obviously has quite the dedication to using the very best dental material for his patients. Yet he abides by the motto that less is better in most circumstances and feels a crown only needs to be replaced when there is pain or decay present.

Rick Lamont who runs Sedona Sun Properties, a property management business here in Sedona, gave a personal presentation.  It was interesting to learn Rick volunteers at the Humane Society of Sedona as a “cat socializer” and has quite the heart connection with our feline friends.  It is always a treat to hear from Rick and be reminded of how seriously he takes his role as a  property manager.  He purposely collects, in person, the monthly rent check for the homes he is managing so he can keep a close eye on the property. He feels this also allows him to form a bond with and gain the loyalty of the renter.