Press Release August 19th, 2015

Last Edited Date: 09.07.2015 - 10:19


Sedona Professionals, a business networking and referral group which works to expand and support local businesses, met on Wednesday,  Aug 19th at Red’s Restaurant in the Sedona Rouge Resort.  The semi-monthly breakfast meeting was presided over by President Dr. Jenna Blasi..  

Lee Congdon, one of our top performing realtors in Sedona, treated us to an excellent synopsis of how the Sedona real estate market is doing.  In a nut shell it is doing well!  Almost all price categories of homes are selling well and at a higher price than last year.  In fact the median price now exceeds the 2008 levels. Lee particularly feels good about the future of our Sedona real estate markets because the median price of homes has been rising at a measured rate each year since 2010, rather than at a steep incline,  thus we are likely to avoid the “bubble” phenomenon. Only prices for vacant land have declined compared to last year.  And the very good news is that sales of distressed properties now only account for 3% of all residential sales.  It is always informative to have Lee present to our group and share her enthusiasm for real estate.

Roger Sneed, the handyman in our group gave us some great tips on home repair.  Roger has been helping people with projects in their homes since 1987.  He can also do home enhancement projects. The depth of his skills are amazing.  He pretty much does everything except roofs and flooring!  Besides helping people keep their homes beautiful and in working order, he also can be commissioned by homebuyers to look over the specific home they are thinking of buying.  In this capacity he can let the potential home buyer know how much it will cost to repair items found problematic in the home inspection process.  One handy home repair tip Roger gave us is that if a bathroom exhaust fan begins to vibrate, the motor can usually easily be replaced without replacing the whole unit.  A big savings indeed!

Dr. Ted Jenal gave his “personal” presentation.  We got to hear about his talented wife and adult children, all of whom are thriving.  But the most riveting news Dr. Jenal shared is that he is an avid cyclist and is planning soon to ride from Sedona to Las Vegas in TWO days on an elliptical bike, which goes slower than a traditional bike.  That goal took our collective breaths away.  We wish him well!

Dr. Peter Ney also graced us with his personal presentation.  He hales from Wisconsin and has been married to his lovely wife, Yvonne, for 36 years.  We are lucky in that we can expect to have Dr. Ney with us for a long time, as his grandmother lived to be 102!