Press Release September 5th, 2015

Last Edited Date: 09.07.2015 - 10:20


Sedona Professionals, a business networking and referral group which aims to expand and support local businesses, met on Wednesday,  September 2nd at Red’s Restaurant in the Sedona Rouge Resort.  The semi-monthly breakfast meeting was presided over by President Dr. Jenna Blasi.

We opened our meeting with lively “elevator” introductions.  Basically what we might tell a stranger about our business while riding with that person in an elevator.  Our members delivered high energy and at times comical versions of what their businesses offer.  It was fun!

Paolo Scardina, owner of Sustainable Sedona, is an architect here in Sedona who incorporates full design aspects into his architectural work.  He showed us photos of breathtakingly gorgeous kitchen remodels he has done here in Sedona.  Paolo feels the kitchen is the most important place in the home.  It is where people gather, cook, share food, and even sometimes work with their laptop in tow.  Paolo designs kitchens with a keen eye to the practical as well as the beautiful.  He makes sure there is easy access and movement between the cooktop, refrigerator, and sink.  We especially were amazed by the eye appealing curves Paolo incorporates into his kitchen countertops and his choice of backsplash tile and lighting.  Paolo likes to create an inviting area called the “public zone" where guests can relax and feel a part of the kitchen activity, yet be separated from “chef zone” where serious cooking takes place. Paolo’s passion for combining the beautiful with the practical was most evident in his presentation.

Pam Bayles, with National Bank of Arizona, shared with us the impressive personalized banking service she offers as an executive banker.  She can deposit checks for her clients when they are dropped off by other people. She can facilitate the loan process once it is in motion, sometimes making the difference for her clients on whether or not a loan gets offered, or whether a home sale closes on time.  She also can facilitate loans for business equipment.  She truly shines when helping her clients achieve what they need, going way beyond traditional banking services. Pam gets to know each of her clients banking needs and it is obvious she takes great pleasure in being of service to them.

Lee Congdon of Remax Realty gave what we refer to as the “personal” presentation in which our members talk about the non-business aspect of their lives.  It gives us all a chance to know each other better.  Earlier in her life Lee earned a Master’s degree in Molecular Biology and then went on to get a PhD in the Bio Sciences.  After achieving such esteemed credentials, Lee then lived in India for 11 years, devoting herself to personal and spiritual growth.  We are lucky to have such an amazingly well-rounded realtor in our group, who brings her full self to her work, valuing her relationship with her clients as well as being very informed about the technical aspects of buying and selling homes.

Roger Sneed also gave a delightful personal presentation.  He has been providing handyman services in Sedona since 2003.  He takes great pride in problem solving people’s repair needs.  What we did not know about Roger is that he is an avid mountain biker and gets out on our trail system often giving people much younger than he a ride for their money!