Press Release December 16, 2015

Last Edited Date: 12.17.2015 - 18:08


Sedona Professionals, a business networking and referral group which aims to expand and support local businesses, met on Wednesday,  December 16th at Red’s Restaurant in the Sedona Rouge Resort.  The semi-monthly breakfast meeting was presided over by President Jenna Blasi, a naturopathic doctor.

Timon Pratt, owner of Studio 5, included a very exciting announcement in his presentation.  Timon runs a website design and web promotion company right here in Sedona.  Both he and his employees have noticed that there is no website or app in existence that will let a person know what is totally going on in the community they live in or are visiting.  So Timon and his skilled employees have taken it upon themselves to create such a tool.  And Sedona is being used as the launch community!  Timon's new website will tell us what music performance, what interesting talk, civic event, film, or workshop, etc. is taking place right here in Sedona.  Of course Timon plans to expand this offering to include cities, nationwide, but aren’t we lucky to be his development city.  The website is: and it is now operative (in beta format.)  The Android app should be ready by January 1st!  We Sedonians, and our visitors, can go to to post an event, or check out all that is happening in our amazing town.

Hank Yuloff, an expert in marketing, and owner of SedonaOMG, gave his first professional presentation. Hank designs comprehensive marketing plans for businesses.  He helps businesses increase sales by improving what they say about their company and the way they deliver that message.  Hank has an illustrious career in marketing and sums up his offerings by saying, “We let people who are predisposed to buy your product, or service, know that you are out there!” Hank does just that in multifaceted ways, by making sure one’s website is relevant and updated, by using promotional products, and by making sure any promotion is well targeted.  Hank also offers marketing retreats, right here in Sedona, which he refers to as “marketing bootcamp.” These retreats provide an opportunity to develop a marketing plan, have fun, and quickly learn how to become a successful business marketer.

Eric Meyers, owner of Payments in Kind and NPS, a merchant service company, brought along his delightful, youngest daughter to assist him in giving his “personal” presentation.  Eric has six children, two of who will be leaving home shortly to go off and make their way in the world.  We got to see beautifully framed professional photos of Eric’s children and learn about their amazing talents and accomplishments.  Eric is rightfully one proud dad!

Deborah Leatherwood, owner of Rene’s Restaurant in Talaquepaque. also gave a “personal” presentation. We learned that Deborah grew up in South Carolina, and moved to Sedona in the early 90’s, ostensibly to enter the real estate business here.  But as things seem to happen, only in Sedona, she took what she thought would be a temporary job at Rene’s restaurant, but due to her obvious skills, she was quickly promoted to manager.  When the restaurant became available for purchase, Deborah jumped at the chance and has never looked back.  She brings her southern hospitality and her love of sophisticated cuisine for all of us to enjoy in the lovely restaurant she oversees.