Press Release January 20th, 2016

Last Edited Date: 01.29.2016 - 11:15


Sedona Professionals, a business networking and referral group which aims to expand and support local businesses, met on Wednesday,  January 20th at Red’s Restaurant in the Sedona Rouge Resort.  The semi-monthly breakfast meeting was presided over by outgoing President Jenna Blasi, a naturopathic doctor.

Jason Smithson, owner of BP2 construction, gave the first professional presentation and talked about the way he approaches his job as a contractor.  Whether he is building a new home or doing a remodel of an existing home, his focus is on providing the very best quality for the home owner.  Jason chooses the cream of the crop for his sub-contractors which, combined with his own organizational skills, produces jobs that run on time and exceed his clients' expectations.  Jason start working in the construction business back in 1986 and rose to the position of job supervisor with a large local construction company.  In 2013 Jason became the proud owner of his own construction company.  Jason totally enjoys the organizational aspect of a construction job. Prior to the start date, each client receives an itemized description of their project and a detailed timeline of what will occur each day as the job progresses.  This winning combination of quality and organization produces very happy clients!

Jenna Blasi, a naturopathic doctor, offers her healing skills through her private practice: Sedona Naturopathic.  Dr. Blasi explained to us that her goal as a naturopathic doctor is to get to the root cause of a symptom.  She gave the example that when a person has an unhealthy gut or GI tract there can be several seemingly unrelated symptoms like depression, poor memory, and headaches. Rather than treating those symptoms alone, naturopathy looks to identify the source and treat it, thus eliminating the offshoot symptoms.  Dr. Blasi also reminded us that naturopathic doctors, in Arizona, can also prescribe medicines, just like MDs.  As a result they can treat an infection and other acute illnesses, while also looking for their underlying cause, like an immune system that might need boosting, or allergies that can benefit from a Low Dose Allergen treatment program.  Dr. Blasi’s passion for helping people maximize their health was evident throughout her presentation.

Corrie Cooperman, of Sedona Intuitive Astrology, gave her personal presentation and talked about a 20 year phase in her life when she and her husband were quite mobile, and lived in many places up and down the Rockies.  During that time they owned four llamas and four dogs, so moving about was not entirely free of challenges.  The llamas were used as pack animals to make their extended trips into the mountains much easier, although the llamas did present their own problems.  While they rarely spit at people, they do spit at each other, and if you happen to be in between them when that happens, you are in trouble!