Press Release February 17th, 2016

Last Edited Date: 02.27.2016 - 14:59


Marc Sterling of Sterling Financial AZ gave a brief presentation to the Sedona Professionals Wednesday. Marc brings 26 years’ experience in of tax preparation to his clients and a depth of experiences rarely seen in the world of tax, accounting preparation today. Marc provided several tips and concepts with regards to tax preparation. Answering questions and an offering insights to today’s tax requirements for small business. Information truly helpful and appreciated by our group. Marc is truly an experienced tax accountant that desires to provide unsurpassed accounting / tax preparation and direction for his clients.

Sally Gebler of Sedona Massage Therapy gave personal talk about her background and where she was raised describing her moments that defined her early youth. Sally saw herself as a “tomboy” and not the typical young southern bell. Recognizing the predisposition of the south Sally found opportunities to break with tradition and supporting friends and encouraging them “to break the mold” finding success where without her support might not have happened. Touring Europe on her own and finding internal strength she didn’t know she had.

Lee Congdon with Re/Max Sedona gave us an extremely informative look at Sedona and the Verde Valley real estate market. Lee is the premier luxury realtor for the Sedona and surrounding marketing. Lots of graphs and statics data, the talked was encouraging because the home marketing is showing strong and solid as well as sustainable performance. Lee truly enjoys the folks and successfully converting their lifelong dream into a Sedona Reality.