Press Release March 2nd, 2016

Last Edited Date: 04.15.2016 - 11:27


Devika Gordon of Skin Bliss with Devika shared the signs of melanoma.  Living in Arizona, we all need to be mindful of these signs.  They are the a,b,c,d and e of moles:  Asymmetry:  Moles are round, melanoma is not.  Border:  If the border is clean, you are fine.  If it is spreading, have it checked.  Color:  If dark brown or black, have it checked.  Diameter:  If less than 6 mm, you are okay.  Evolving:  Watch for changes, as they can indicate melanoma.  In addition, Devika is insistent upon using only safe products.  Remember, our skin is our largest organ, so we need to be aware of what we are putting on it.  Devika gave us each a gift for a friend to use.  It is for a signature custom facial, so be sure to bring someone in.  Have a facial yourself while you’re there! 

Lee Congdon of REMAX Realty did her personal presentation.  She is the middle child, with a brother on each side, but I suspect she has always been number one. Lee has lived all over the world and has a Doctorate Degree in Molecular Biology.  She has had amazing experiences in her life, and been surrounded by incredible teachers.  This is why she is so lovely to work with as a realtor, and a kind friend.  Lee always has a warm smile and great attitude, which makes her a joy to be around.

Rick LaMont is our property manager, with Sedona Sun Properties.  Rick has been in this business since birth (okay, slightly after) and is a consummate professional in his business.  There are many things that set Rick apart in his field.  He handles the background and credit checks, collects the rent in person and is on the property monthly.  He believes in keeping the tenants happy, the property maintained, and giving the best possible service to the landlord.  Rick does only long-term, unfurnished properties…no vacation rentals, etc.  If you have a rental property in Sedona or the Village of Oak Creek, call Rick.  You will be glad you did.

Our last personal presenter was Marc Sterling.  Marc has always been a dynamo, from taking 21 credits per semester in college and finishing in 3 years, to being the top salesman for Olan Mills Photography.  He always focuses on the positive in life, and this is his 32nd tax season.  Not many can make it so long in a single profession, so this is a huge milestone.  Marc has been with the love of his life, Tommy, for 20 years and they have a wonderful son, Trevor.  Marc brought a photo of he and Tommy with Trevor when Trevor was just a tiny preemie.  They could not have looked happier, and continue to have a positive outlook on life, no matter what obstacles come their way.