Press Release August, 17th 2016

Last Edited Date: 08.22.2016 - 11:03


Sedona Professionals meet this week at Reds on 8-17-2016

Sedona Professional has a truly unique group of professional providing products and services to Sedona and surrounding areas. Jason BP2 Construction is one of the professionals that brings an unmatched level of expertise and ethics to the construction industry for Sedona. Jason has been working in the construction industry for over 30 years. Jason’s experience within this industry is complete through all stages of the home construction. Jason is a local Arizona boy, living in Arizona all of his life, and in Sedona for the last 20 years. If you have a need or know someone looking for the very best Sedona area has to offer in home building, Jason and BP2 construction is your solution.

Sedona Professionals meeting today included a presentation from Rick Lamont, Sedona Property Management. Rick has been managing properties since 1964, currently managing 75 or so properties in Sedona. Rick has a proactive approach to managing properties, by interacting with the tenants on a monthly bias with an in person visit. This approach has been one of the tools Rick uses to provide superior service to not only the landlord but the tenant was well. Rick is a soft spoke direct no nonsense manager; his proven track record would be a tremendous asset to any home owner looking to rent their property.

One of Sedona’s jewels is Rene’ Fine Dinning restaurant. Today we heard from Debora Leatherwood, owner of Rene’s Restaurant one of Sedona’s most awarded restaurants. Debora is a wonderful southern lady that came to Sedona to visit almost 30 years ago and fell in love with Sedona. Hospitality is a signature of the south, Debora embodies hospitality and Sedona best in fine dining, Rene’s in Tlaquepaque is one of Sedona’s true jewels. Remember for special occasions or change in form the ordinary Rene’s Fine Dinning.