Press Release September, 7th 2016

Last Edited Date: 09.16.2016 - 16:39


Lee Congdon, Real Estate Sedona is Sedona’s premier realtor. Lee has been in Sedona 22 years this month. When it comes to knowing the area and matching folks with the ideal property Lee is Sedona’s best choice. Many industries including real state measures and recognized outstanding performance of their agents. Lee has been recognized by the industry for her outstanding performance more and once. Lee’s experience is not only knowing the area and understanding the many communities, she knows the agents. Lee’s background affords her a unique ability to capture the many variables involved in the real estate business and make insightful recommendations to her clients. When combining Lee’s PhD analytical abilities with her passion for Sedona and desire to exceed her client’s expectations you have a powerful one of a kind Sedona realtor. If you or someone you know is looking for a real professional for the Sedona real estate market Lee Congdon is your Realtor.

Today Sedona Professional also had the pleasure of hearing from Rick Lamont of Sedona Sun Properties. Rick has been managing properties for over 40 Years. Rick’s hands on approach to property management and has a focus on a beneficial relationship for owner and tenant has earned him a reputation as a top notch manager. Rick currently holds both an Arizona broker license as well as a Utah real estate license. Rick has a calm demeanor and no nonsense approach that make it a pleasure to carry on conversation with Rick.

Roger Sneed of RCO Property Services, Sedona’s handyman “that shows up”! Offered his menu of services today. Roger is not licensed, but has a long list of the needed maintenance items he provides for local residents. Items like hanging doors, dealing with toilet issues, small drywall repair. If you have a need odds are Roger can repair or address the concern.