Press Release October 19th 2016

Last Edited Date: 10.28.2016 - 17:41


Sedona Professionals the week had three folks telling us about their business and their passions.

Devika with Skin Bliss with Devika showed us how facials were a benefit for many different settings.

Devika has been working with skin and understanding skin for many years. Skin care that goes beyond skin deep into the realm of rejuvenation and deep relaxation a beautifying experience! If you ever thought about having a facial, please give Devika a call and see what she can do for you.

Jessie Martin with Green Window Cleaning shared his personal experience of Sedona and the impact Sedona has had on him as well as this family. Jesse is a Master window cleaner and window scratch remover. Green Window Cleaning takes the environment and the impact we have on our environment very seriously. If you would like a window you can see the assume views of Sedona, please give Jesse a call.

Sally with Sedona Massage Therapy gave us a guide tour through the history of massage and the progression of the art of massage. Sally has been offering customized bodywork based on the needs of her clients since 1993. Myotherapy is the foundation of her work – a collection of various techniques & modalities to relax and rehabilitate the body’s connective tissues.