Press Release February 1st 2017

Last Edited Date: 02.03.2017 - 16:06


Sedona Professionals, a business networking and referral group which aims to support and expand local businesses, met on Wednesday, February 1st at Red’s Restaurant in the Sedona Rouge Resort.  

Today the Sedona Professionals enjoyed learning about Acupuncture from our very own Sarah Nathan. Sarah has been practicing this traditional Chinese medicine for 30 plus years. Explaining the purpose of and the benefit of inserting extremely small needles into the human body. The small needles placed at specific mapped points on the body encouraging or stimulating the body’s own energy known as “CHEE”. By inserting needles into the specific points know as meridians, acupuncture practitioners believe that your energy flow will re-focus or re balance. Many western practitioners view the acupuncture points as places to stimulate nerves, muscles and connective tissue. Some believe that this stimulates boosts your body’s natural painkillers and increases blood flow. Sarah graduated from TAI (Traditional Acupuncture Institute, Columbia, Maryland) in 1983. For more information on Sarah and her acupuncture therapy check her out at Sedona Professionals, or give her a call, 928-239-9333.

Thomas Bruck new member to the Sedona Professionals is the groups Solar Power singing salesmen. Thomas grew up in Hollywood and spent several years in US Air Force. Today he is owner of the Solar Power in Verde Valley. Thomas can take the confusing world of solar power and explain how solar can improve your utility cost while making electricity from sunlight. Photovoltaic modules make electricity from sunlight, and are marvelously simple, effective, and durable. They sit in the sun and with no moving parts, can run your appliance, charge your batteries, or make energy for the utility grid. You can contact Thomas at

Lois Carrier-Maurice with Carrier, Maurice & Webb Wealth Advisors gave a short presentation on understanding wealth management. Lois began her career in financial planning & wealth management professional in 1989, becoming a Certified Financial Planner practitioner in 1993. Lois believes the world of finance and it’s language have been predominantly influenced by men, for men, often resulting in approaches with “blind spots” for many women. Lois has a unique approach to money specifically structured or communicated for women. For more information or to contact Lois