Press Release March 1st 2017

Last Edited Date: 03.10.2017 - 15:09


Sedona Professionals enjoyed a presentation by DR. Daniel Olson, Canyon Chiropractic. Chiropractors tend focus on the physical manipulation of the body, however, Dr. Dan took us thru a logical progression of events and other factors that contribute to what is typically signs that we begin to looking for chiropractor services. Dr, Dan took us thru many medical facts facing American’s today that many of us may not generally consider the impact on our bodies. If your body is telling you it need attention give Dr. Dan a call and see how Canyon Chiropractic can help.

Lee Congdon shared her personal journey that brought her to and explained why she loves real-estate the way she does. First and most important Lee truly loves people and the relationships she has formed in the real-estate industry. Lee’s moto is “My passion is to help successful people convert their lifelong dreams into a Sedona reality”. Lee enjoys the art of negations and bringing multi-faceted element of real-estate, market, personalities, goals all together. Having a new or dynamic schedule with always changing timelines and deadlines generates and motivates Lee. Lee contribution to our SP group is genuine as well as energizing.

Timon Pratt our website design guru, Timon is with Website Design Sedona. Timon is the guy you want on your side with it comes to anything technology! Timon has been surfing since the early 80” s with items as difficult as introducing IBM to MAC and getting to communicate, at a time with neither IBM nor Apple wanted their platforms to get along. Sedona Web Design, Studio 5, offers more than just website design to it’s clients. They will help you plan and learn about new technologies which has proven just as important. They will build more than just websites, they build client relationships.