Press Release March 15th 2017

Last Edited Date: 03.24.2017 - 11:05


Sedona Professionals met at Reds and our first presenter was Tim Warren with Mammoth Restoration. Mammoth Restoration is an emergency restoration company providing service to address water damage, fire damage, mold, biohazard, carpet cleaning, their emergency service is 24 hour 365 days a year. Mammoth has earned “Best of Flagstaff” four years in a row. Mammoth Restoration is there if your home ever has a broken pipe or the stove ketches fire give Mammoth Restoration a call.

Tamara Middleton with Advanced Benefits Consulting shared her personal path.Tamara was born and raised in Kanas City in a large family 7 brother and sisters. Enjoys sinning at the local Catholic Church and her other artistic gifts include poetry. Tamara’s father was a fire fighter and she wrote a heartfelt poem in honor of him that was very popular and was distributed worldwide.      

Dan Olson, Dr. Dan Olson with Canyon Chiropractic shared his personal experiences that lead him to owning and operating his chiropractic practice. Dan was born in Colorado near Ft. Collins her was raised enjoying camping, hiking, snow skiing and the other activities one would expect living in the mountains. Oldest of three was involved in basketball, and baseball and these sports took him to college. Minor league baseball club drafted Dan, it was these activities and the stress his body took the he was introduced to the art of chiropractic services.

Timon Pratt with Studio 5 Website Design Sedona shared is personal journey to owning and operating Sedona premier web site design group. Timon was born in the suburbs of London, even before turning 10 the would snick into London. Timon enjoys auto racing and supports planb that is an organization that saving wolf dogs from being destroyed. Timon came to Sedona by accident and fell in love.