Press Release August 16th 2017

Last Edited Date: 08.25.2017 - 16:09


SP were treated to Corrie Cooperman, Intuitive Astrology Reading and Shamanic Healing Sessions in Sedona. Corrie has been active in astrology since 1991 – conducting readings and classes throughout the country. Corrie’s was certified in Astro*Carto*Graphy in 1997 and continues to deepen her knowledge of astrology through self-study and her clients input. Today she had created snapshots of the current astrology activity with the upcoming solar eclipse. Explaining the current interactivity between the different plants and stars with focus on the impact of the eclipse. Clients say Corrie brings a rare blend of clarity, focus, groundedness and specificity to her readings and healing sessions. Needing more perspective with current relationship, career, or life impacting events and or decisions contact Corrie for her Astrology reading by phone and in-person in Sedona, Arizona.

Marc Sterling was our second presenter Sterling Accounting and Tax LLC. Marc has been a financial & tax account for over 28 years. He started an accounting & tax practice from scratch after working for the IRS while attending the University of Texas at Austin in Texas. Marc has worked with many different types of business and individuals throughout the years. Personal interest includes involving young people to life and business experiences. Marc’s focus is to always be productive one of the those few individuals that schedule his time in 15-minute increments. Enjoying Tennis, raising his son, interacting with over 100 youth in the Sedona / Cottonwood area. Film making has become his latest person down time interest.

Patricia Wheat was our last presenter today. Patricia owner of About Face established in Sedona in 2001 offering Laser Hair Removal, Crystal Free Microdermabrasion, Electrolysis, Skin Analysis, Facial Rejuvenation. Patricia introduced herself and her path leading the creation of About Face. Providing sample of her industry leading line of products and her approach to the best skin you have ever experienced.