Press Release September 20th 2017

Last Edited Date: 10.01.2017 - 10:54


Today one of newest member introduced his new business to the group. Dr. Matt Hill gave us a brief overview of this office named Sedona Smiles. Matt is known for his very kind & gentle approach to dentistry with a priority on patient comfort. Whether you’re in need of general dentistry, comprehensive periodontal care, a permanent crown in one visit, or 3-D guided implant and digital restoration, Matt canhandle all your needs.

Jesse Martin presented with Power Point his business Green Window Cleaning. Jess enjoys photography so the presentation had truly amazing photographs of his passion, cleaning windows. As Jesse walkedthe group thru the squeegees and towels, his pictures of homes he had cleaned were beautiful.

Windows that looked unreachable Jesse was not only able to clean but enjoyed the challenge to not only reach, but truly clean. Jesse’s customer centric business understands the opportunity to address other issues with window and window construction while cleaning the glass. If there are small issues with debris and /or other concerns Green Window Cleaning address these issues in addition to cleaning the glass while in the process of cleaning. If your windows need cleaning, so you can clearly see Sedona’s beauty Jesse with Green Window Cleaning is the only choice in Sedona.

Our Last presenter today was Dr. Jenna Blasi Sedona Naturopathic. Dr. B has study nutrition & natural healing for over 15 years. After receiving her doctorate degree in naturopathic medicine, Dr Blasi was selected from a nationwide pool of physicians to become the sole resident in Integrative Medicine at Yale University’s Prevention Research Center, Griffin Hospital, and University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Blasi works with people of all ages and takes great satisfaction in helping her patients overcome their health challenges in a permanent and gentle way.