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Sally Gebler

Sedona Massage Therapy : Sally Gebler

Voted Best Massage Therapist of 2014, Sedona, AZ 
Since 1993, Sally has been offering customized bodywork based on the needs of her clients. Myotherapy is the foundation of her work - a collection of various techniques and modalities designed to relax and rehabilitate the body's connective tissues.

As preventative maintenance toward wellness, therapeutic massage offers benefits crucial to your wellness & health. From the release of physical & emotional tension patterns to renewing your immune system, sessions with Sally bring your body back into balance.

The core of her approach is grounded in the knowledge that the power to heal and renew is within each person. Integrating various forms of energy work as well, Sally has drawn a wide following of people to her table, where renewal of body and spirit awaits. 

Through inspired relaxing & rehabilitative techniques accrued from 22 years of experience, Sally invites her clients to release physical & emotional tension patterns, renew their nervous systems & access their body’s ability to heal, recalibrating their whole being into balance & ease. 

Myotherapy, Myofascial Release, Neck/Shoulders/Back/Hip Release, Medical Massage, Rocking/Unlocking, Trigger Point Therapy, Quantum Touch/energy work, Emotional Release Therapy, Stress release 

More from Sally . . .  
My life’s work has been focused in healing, bodywork & massage. I chose to name my business The Healing Power of Touch because the words describe what I do. Based on my client’s needs, we engage in a dance of sorts, exploring what mental & physical tension patterns they are ready to release. For the last 22 years, it has been incredibly rewarding to witness my clients’ shifts when they allow themselves to access their body’s ability to heal. From arthritic conditions, headaches & migraines to chronic back pain, after-effects of cancer treatments to automobile accidents, there exists a wide range of modalities that simply help folks to recalibrate.

And did you know, that science has proven that TOUCH is more powerful than Prozac? 
When asked what “pain” or challenges must be present in order for someone to use me as their massage therapist? The answer: a wide range of pain issues including chronic pain anywhere in the body, stress/holding patterns that create neck/shoulder issues, headaches; arthritis, cancer patients; back pain from stress, accidents, trauma; emotional challenges; someone needing a safe environment to release holding patterns that are physical manifestations of emotional issues.

How is my service UNIQUE? What makes me stand out from the rest of the pack?  
I spend time really listening to what my clients share verbally, & then what their body reveals through palpation, specific techniques & intuition. The foundation of my work includes movement, joint mobility, & unlocking holding patterns that create imbalance. My unique interpretations of techniques that I’ve developed over time is seamless, connecting movements when in contact with their body. 

My level of compassion & caring is palpable. My clients report really appreciating the guidance & insights into their bodies during a session; i.e. breathing techniques which assist in immediate relaxation & their ability to respond more quickly to the bodywork. The lasting effects of the work we have done together in the days that follow a session are uncommon among other massage therapists. 

One female client told me: "You are the safest person with whom I have ever experienced massage."

I look forward to the opportunity to support you on your wellness journey!