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About Rick Lamont

Sedona property manager, Rick Lamont, has been managing Properties for over 40 years. He has managed up to 650 units at one time which included a ski vacation duplex. His hands-on approach to property management and a focus on a beneficial relationship for owner and tenant has earned him a reputation as a top notch property manager. Rick currently holds both an Arizona brokers license and a Utah real estate license. Rick is also an animal lover and currently volunteers as a cat socializer at the Sedona Humane Society. His work with rescued cats helps them be more people-friendly and adoptable. Rick and his wife, Sunday, relocated to Sedona in 2007 from Salt Lake City, Utah. Rick is a sports car enthusiast and a University of Utah ( his alma mater) Utes fan.



About Sedona Sun Properties

Sedona Sun Properties property management services focuses on a beneficial relationship between property owners and tenants. Ricks "hands on" style allows him to be watchful of the properties, while creating strong relationships with the owners and the renters. If you are currently seeking a property for rent please take a moment to view our current inventory of rentals. If you are a property owner currently seeking management services, please call Rick at 1-928-300-8152.

"The best way to manage a property is to attract long term, well-qualified tenants and treat them with respect. A well chosen tenant who makes a house a home is a primary factor in creating a succesful investment property experience."
-- Rick Lamont

List of Qualities and Services

  • Personalised Service
  • 40+ years Experience
  • Clear, Professional Communication
  • Establishment of Rents
  • Property Staging
  • Advertising - online and print
  • Screening (credit & background check)
  • Document Signings
  • Rent & Deposit Collections
  • Solutions to Problems and Complaints
  • 24 Hour "on-call" for Emergencies
  • Lease Renewal Program
  • Property Inspections
  • Accounting per owners preferance


 I have been acquainted with Rick Lamont for approximately five tears. We have a professional relationship for the psst two years. Rick has managed the Thunderbird Apartments during that time. I have found Rick to be very exact on details and very good on structure and decision making. He is very timely and responsive. He is allways accessible for tenants. These are all qualities I deem critical to property management. I would not Hesitate to recommend him for any task he chooses."
-- Will Poole, Thunderbird Apartments

 Rick was our condo manager. He was very responsive to our needs. We can recommend his services without reservations."
-- Claire Laplume & Pearl Goodman