Laura Cousins, LCSW

Laura Cousins


Laura Cousins, LCSW has been providing mental and behavioral health counseling to children, families and adults since 1996.  Her Master’s degree is in Social Work with a clinical emphasis from the University of Northern Iowa.

Laura has unique experience not only as a clinician, but also as a foster/adoptive parent, parenting children who are exhibiting severe emotional and behavioral pain. She understands and empathizes with the difficulties and stress that can be overwhelming at times for a parent who cares for a child with impaired functioning and disruptive behavior as a result of that pain. Laura provides an empathetic and straight-forward approach to helping parents and children, using evidence-based theory and practice, primarily psycho-education, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and play therapy. Since every family is unique, treatment is tailored to a family’s specific needs and strengths

Laura also has extensive experience in providing psychotherapy to adults for a variety of concerns. 

It is normal to face ups and downs throughout life. But when stress, unexpected changes, and feelings of loss or conflict leave you feeling ungrounded, individual therapy can help you recapture your sense of self.

The challenges that worry you do not have to be resolved on your own. Laura will work with you to create a real and practical plan so you can find direction, relief, and peace. She won’t judge, or simply remain silent and nod. Laura will listen, understand, and help you plan real-life solutions.