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Interior Design
Jody Florman

Sedona Interior Design, Jody Florman

A house is one of the most important fixtures in a life. It protects you, gives you solace and comfort. It can be a status symbol or a statement of who you are. It makes you feel safe and nurtured, inspired and creative. A house become a home when the it is imbued with the essence of its’ owner.

Jody has been interested in interiors since a child, when she built doll houses from card board boxes from the age of 5. She created art quilts and soft sculpture throughout her teens and 20s; Worked with, and designed fabrics and textures in the fashion industry in her 20s- 30s. Through the twists and turns of life, her focus turned to art and in the late eighties, on Faux finishing. This allowed her to enter into a large number of homes, in England and the united states, over the course of the next 20 plus years, collaborating and co-creating with interior designers, decorators and contractors. She was being given a hands-on, real time, education.

10 years into her Faux finishing career, clients began asking for help in their homes- furniture placement, color consultation, de cluttering, finding their style and art. Jody began to take these jobs, operating from an artistic point of view. Educating and co-creating with her clients was her focus. At this point, Jody started interior design school while maintaining her faux finishing business.

Fast forward to the last few years. Jody decided to turn her focus back to interiors and to pursue her fine art painting. Her love is working hand and hand with her clients, empowering their choices and educating them to be able to make informed choices.  She brings an artistic and practiced eye, keeps informed of current trends without being driven by them. Her choice is to create a home that speaks to each client, to bring out their personality within their home environment., creating a nurturing and comfortable space that is sacred to them.

Art Of Home- Creating a home you will Love to live in.