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Jenna Blasi

About Sedona Naturopath, Dr. Jenna Blasi

Dr. Jenna Blasi has studied nutrition and natural healing for over 15 years. Her early interest in natural medicine led her to study herbs at the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies, massage and natural therapeutics at the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, whole food cooking at the School of Natural Cookery in Boulder, Colorado and homeopathy at the New Mexico School of Classical Homeopathy. She was then led to naturopathic medical school, where she graduated with highest honors from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona.

After receiving her doctorate degree in naturopathic medicine, Dr. Blasi was selected from a nationwide pool of physicians to become the sole resident in Integrative Medicine at Yale University's Prevention Research Center, Griffin Hospital, and University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine. After the successful completion of her first year as an integrative and family medicine resident, she was the first to be accepted as a senior resident in the Integrative Medicine program.

Dr. Blasi was an instructor and supervising physician at the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine. She has been a guest lecturer on nutrition, homeopathy, and other areas of health at Yale University School of Nursing, Quinnipiac University, and Griffin Hospital, one of Yale’s affiliate hospitals. She has also taught healthy eating classes for cancer patients and their families at Griffin Hospital Center for Cancer Care.

In addition to her doctorate, Dr. Blasi is a nationally certified fitness instructor and teacher of whole food cooking classes. Her undergraduate studies were at the University of Colorado Boulder, where she received her degree in Biology, Theatre and French and was elected to the Phi Beta Kappa honor society.

Dr. Blasi’s medical practice focuses on classical homeopathy, clinical nutrition, and an advanced form of craniosacral therapy called Core Synchronism. She also utilizes other natural modalities, as well as conventional medicines when indicated. She is a highly skilled homeopath, who has studied for years with internationally renowned homeopathic experts. She is also one of only a few certified Core Synchronism practitioners in the country, and continues to study with the founder of this highly effective therapy.

Dr. Blasi works with people of all ages and takes great satisfaction in helping her patients overcome their health challenges in a permanent and gentle way.

Sedona Naturopathic: "Integrative Medicine for the Whole Family"

We are a Naturopathic Health Center with an emphasis on comprehensive wellness. Dr. Jenna Blasi is a Naturopathic Physician trained in integrative and family medicine. She treats people of all ages, caring for both acute and chronic conditions.

By integrating the best of natural medicine and the latest medical science, we achieve success in the treatment of a wide range of conditions - acute and chronic, common and rare, simple and complex, and mild to severe.

Commonly Treated Conditions

Bipolar Disorder
Menopausal symptoms 
Hormonal imbalances 
Back Pain
Multiple Sclerosis 
Low Self-Esteem

Chronic Pain
Weight Imbalances
Digestive Disturbances
Rheumatoid Arthritis 
Urinary tract infections

Colds and Flus
Teething difficulties
And Many More!


We happily offer a FREE 15-min Consultation (by phone or in person) to determine if Dr. Blasi's naturopathic services are right for you.


" I have had the privilege of working closely with Dr. Blasi in the clinic. Her blend of knowledge, thoughtfulness, dedication, and genuine compassion- along with a unique skill set- make her exceptionally effective at helping even those patients other clinicians don't know how to help. At times, I have been little less than amazed at the results she achieves with her patients. I readily offer her the highest praise one doctor can give another: I would unhesitatingly place my own care in her kind and skillful hands."
-David L. Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP
Director, Prevention Research Center
Yale University School of Medicine
ABC News Contributor
Columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine
Director, Integrative Medicine Center at Griffin Hospital

" Dr Blasi is one of the most intelligent, caring people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. She has the devotion and drive to treat the most challenging patient. Dr. Blasi provides the highest level of individualized healthcare to each of her patients. She is a true healer, and I can not express my gratitude in all that she has done for me." 

" Thank you for helping treat a child in my family who is bipolar. The treatment you prescribed had a profound and lasting impact on her. After taking the homeopathic medication, she experienced a fundamental shift in her perception and in her understanding of the people around her. She became calmer, more accepting, less angry, more stable, and more pleasant in general. She also became more willing to participate in her treatment.”
-name withheld to protect child